NHS Fees

Treatment Price
Examination No charge
Two small X-rays £4.44
Simple gum treatment (scale & polish) £10.20
Small amalgam (silver) filing £6.92
Large amalgam (silver) filing £17.76
Root canal treatment (front tooth) £37.36
Single crown £68.64
Simple extraction £6.36
Complete (upper and lower) dentures £140.28

Private Costs

Treatment Price
Composite filling from £40 to £50
Dental implant including crown £1500
Tooth whitening £149
Root canal treatment from £80 to £150
Porcelain bonded crown £220
Porcelain bonded bridge (per unit) £220
Porcelain Veneer £220
Full ceramic crown £300
Full or partial acrylic denture £300
Set of full acrylic dentures £600
Valpast flexible denture £400
All prices are subject to change

Our Offers

Refer 2 friends or family

To receive Tooth whitening for only £79, instead of the normal price of £149

Our loyalty card

Attend 3 in a row 6 months check ups and receive a hygienist visit for free. (these offers are for Private treatment and not NHS treatment)

Replace your silver fillings

Replace your silver fillings to white with 20% discount if you do more than 3 fillings to white with 20% discount if you do more than 3 fillings.

NHS Treatment Is Free For

  • Everyone aged under 18
  • Those aged under 19 in full-time education
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers, until the baby is 12 months old
  • Those with certificated exemption from payment because of income
  • Income based jobseekers allowance
  • Income related employment and support allowance
  • Working tax credits

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