Case Studies

Here are some examples of case studies.

Smile Makeover 1

Patient requested renewal of old veneers fuller brighter smile with improvement to lower crowded teeth without braces. Smile designed diagnostic wax up created to allow smile to be seen. Lower teeth whitened with Enlighten tooth whitening. Lower teeth reshaped and added to with tooth coloured filling material. 10 veneers placed on upper teeth.

Total Cost Enlighten Whitening £500
Cosmetic Contouring and additions £50 per tooth
10 Veneers with Wax Up included £3900

implants-case-1 implants-case-2

Smile Makeover 2

Patient attended with gum disorder which resulted in teeth moving and gums receding. Gum disease was treated and brought under control. Smile design carried out to improve proportions of teeth and improved fuller smile with brighter teeth.

Total cost for all Veneers and Crown plus planning £3500
Total cost 2 tooth lower bridge £700
Total cost £4200

implants-case-3 implants-case-4